Oxygen based Alkaline Cleaning Powders for the Wine Industry


Standard formula


Potassium based formula
(Phosphate Free and Low Sodium)


Wine Tanks, Vats, Closed Systems (CIP), Chillers, and Piping
Grape separator and stainless steel utensils.
Wooden wine casks/barrels
Cleaning of floors and walls in production area.


  • Effectively removes wine tartar, color, protein and organic soil.
  • Removes fermentation residues
  • Multi-Action product: Cleaning & deodorizing in one action
  • Good solubility and non foaming
  • Chlorine and Caustic Free for user and environment safety
  • Non–corrosive to all surfaces
  • Phosphate Free and Low Sodium (Sterox K formula)


  • Decreases cleaning and machine down time due to being a fast and efficient action product
  • Energy/water efficient – no requirement for heating water and shorter cleaning cycle
  • No need for acid neutralization.
  • Relatively safe for workers and environment compared to other cleaning chemical alternatives
  • Long Shelf Life
  • No phosphates and low sodium in sewer discharge/effluent allows for easier regulatory compliance and friendlier to the environment (Sterox K formula)

Cost Savings

  • Decreases cleaning and machine down time due to Sterox being a Multi Action product
  • Less inventory of detergent chemicals
  • Safer product for workers and reduces chances of work injury claims
  • Long Shelf Life


Relatively safe for workers and environment as it is a non corrosive, unlike many caustic chemicals often used in wineries.

Benefits vs. other Cleaning Chemicals: 

– Safety! –

Below are examples of winery accidents involving other caustic cleaners:

Sterox – The Safe Way to

Clean your Winery !

Sterox is non-caustic and non-corrosive and therefore relatively safe for workers compared to other cleaning chemical alternatives!


BUY NOW!  Sterox and Sterox K are available for purchase online from the following distributors:

Devere Chemical 1923 Beloit Ave., Janesville,  WI 53546,  Tel: (800) 833-8373

Ravago Chemicals North America

For details of a dealer near you, please contact:

American Metals  & Chemical Corp.
Phone: (954) 926-7470

Outside of U.S.A.:

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